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Draw Ten Numbers



   Please note: As of May 2018, you must be registered
for EMEC SmartHub (online bill viewing/payment) to win.


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              New numbers will be posted on or after DECEMBER 14, 2018.
              One prize is unclaimed from previous months,
so there are two prize winners possible.






726301 793204 995303 1295724 1591601

1647602 1814700 1966100 5462100 5481901









482103 843406 994521 1198203 1326105

1425123 1557401 1640602 2002702 5462500









46000 326706 501904 850102 981308

1239605 1750002 1902900 1984110 5097400









34209 287307 441911 531604 1084000

1153214 1272203 1524510 5054502 5169503




One prize is offered each month, but if a prize is not claimed, or if numbers are not posted for a given month, the unclaimed prizes will roll forward, and there will be more than one prize in subsequent months, until all of the potential prizes have been claimed. Some months, new numbers may not be posted. At the Cooperative's discretion, the prizes from skipped months may be offered in subsequent months. In order to claim their prizes, potential winners must contact the Cooperative while the relevant account number is still posted. A caller's identity will be confirmed. Once a first caller's identity has been confirmed, the member whose number was listed will win at least a $100.00 credit from their next electric bill. EMEC employees and directors, as well as their spouses and cohabitants, are not eligible to win.whenever numbers are next posted.

If the prize numbers below are faded, and the prize amount is a faded gray, all of the potential prizes have been claimed. The prize winner(s) have already recognized their account number(s) and called the Cooperative, where their identity(ies) has(have) been confirmed. A list showing prize award dates and prize amounts is at the bottom of this page. Since August of 2013, unclaimed prizes have been carried forward as an additional $100 credit prize, available the following month. Prior to August 2013, unclaimed prize amounts rolled forward, but they were added together for a single, larger prize amount. This change in rules was made in response to feedback from members of Eastern Maine Electric. Be sure to check back each month to see if you've won EMEC's Rolling Draw Ten Prize!

If you would like to be reminded by email each month when the winning numbers are changed, email the Co-op by pressing here. Please put "Draw Ten" in the heading of your email. (NOTE: By signing up to be emailed, you acknowledge that the Cooperative is not obligated to send email notification, and that failure to send notification does not invalidate the drawing, its results, or the winnings of the first members to call the Cooperative to have their identities confirmed.)
Members who see their account number on the Draw Ten list may contact the Cooperative, even when the Cooperative offices are closed, by leaving a voice message at (800) 696-7444 extension 124, or by emailing Phone calls and emails are time-stamped to reflect the order in which calls and emails arrive. It is a good idea to follow up with a live telephone call on the next business morning; the prize is not awarded until the caller claiming a prize has his or her identity confirmed by EMEC personnel.

For a list of ​Recent winners, click here:

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